Morning Announcements for May 1, 2024
Posted on 05/01/2024

Mino Ghizheb OSS,  a reminder that today there will be a presentation in the OSS library during second period for awareness and to honor Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. All staff and students are welcome.

Congratulations to the entire track team who participated yesterday in the Saint Teresa's invitational meet. Notable mentions include Lexa  M. who came away with two 1st Place finishes in hurdles and a third place in the 100meters.  Ellaina M. also took two 1st Place finishes in the 400 and 800 meter races and a third place finish in the 200 metre race. Vecasio B. also broke an OSS record in the 200m race.  Great efforts by all athletes with lots of PBs and top 10 finishes. 

Aww-neen, OSS.

This weekend is the National Day for Awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, also known as Red Dress Day.

By learning more about this topic, all of you have been part of the change to address this national issue.  By paying respect to those lost and the families and communities left disconnected, we are showing the power of the people to come together to call for action to end this systemic violence.  We can use our voices to advocate for policy changes, healing initiatives, safe shelters and services for women, Two-Spirited individuals and families.

 We can also pay attention to the work of advocates by following them on social media, including Métis artist Christi Belcourt who started the Walking With Our Sisters project.

There’s Autumn Peltier, the 19 year old Aww-nish-ih-naww-bay activist fighting for clean water and rights of women as life givers and water carriers

 There’s Dr. James Mahh-ko-kiss, a Cree and Two-Spirit doctor who won Amazing Race Canada while also using that platform to raise awareness on Indigenous topics.

There’s Inn-uhk singer and author Tanya Tah-gak who incorporates themes of colonialism and the importance of cultural revitalization in her work.

And there is Cree actress and model Ashley Callingbull, the first Indigenous woman to win Miss Canada and to win Mrs. Universe, who uses her platform to call out the government for its inaction on Indigenous issues, particularly with missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and Two-Spirited individuals.

Even as students, we can also be part of this fight for change by listening, learning and using our voices.  Join us in the Library during Period 2 today to get started.


There's still time to get your food drive donations in! Your donation goes directly to the sharing place, a local food bank that funds our snack program here at OSS. Keep it up Oss