Morning Announcements for April 25, 2024
Posted on 04/25/2024

Today is the day!!  This afternoon is the Mary Poppins buy-in show!  Join Mary, Bert and the Banks family as they fly kites, take magical walks in the park and dance on the rooftops in this full-length Broadway musical.  Your LAST CHANCE to purchase buy-in tickets is at lunch today in the Hawk Shop.  Cash and debit accepted.  Tickets will NOT be sold at the door for the buy-in, so you MUST get them at lunch.

 If you have a buy-in ticket for today's show, please come to the caf right at the end of lunch.  The show will begin promptly at 11:45am.  Students with buy-in tickets are excused from their periods 4&5 classes today to see the show.  We hope to see you there!

Food drive Food drive Food drive! Let’s give back to the sharing place- a local food bank that funds our snack program! Bring your donations to your first period class!

 3 on 3 basketball intramurals are running today in the gym at lunch! Everyone is welcome to come have some fun!

Aaniin OSS, students who have signed up for the Ribbon Shirt and Ribbon Skirt workshop, please meet next Tuesday April 30th in the Andaayang, room 222 at the beginning of lunch period.

Yesterday, four of the Nighthawks Senior Badminton team swooped into the GBSSA finals.


Will Waters faced a very competitive field in Boys' Singles. After dropping his first game, he was a force to be reckoned with until he was eventually pushed out of the competition.

 In Girls' Singles, Yuna O. had poise and form all day long. She was only best-ed by one opposing player. Yuna finished second overall and will compete at OFSAA next week.

 In Mixed Doubles, Emily M. and Adam S., had a few shaky moments, but they always battled through and faced their opponents with commitment and dedication. They did not lose a match; they did not lose a game; and with a Gold Medal finish, they too are off to OFSAA.

Attention girls slo pitch players.  There will be one last small group tryout after school today at York St. park. Please check outside 346 for a list of those invited.

 Aww-neen, OSS.

 Next week is the National Day for Awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, also known as Red Dress Day.  In many situations, missing and murdered cases of Indigenous women, girls and Two-Spirited individuals are not taken as seriously by the media, police or the government, which not only tells the public that the people do not matter, but also tells their families they do not matter.  As a specific example, in December 2022, investigations revealed that it was highly likely that many women’s remains were in the Winnipeg landfill after the arrest of a Winnipeg city police officer, but the city of Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba refused to search the landfill.  Daughters of women missing, including Cambria and Keira Harris, worked with advocacy organizations to address the public and to try to meet with the provincial and federal governments, yet were denied. During Manitoba’s provincial election last year, the right to find a loved one’s remains became an election issue instead of a human rights issue.  New Premier, Wab Kinew, the first First Nations Premier, promised to search the landfill when he was elected last October, but there are still no official plans for this to happen. By learning more about this topic, we can come together to raise awareness and encourage real action to be taken so families and communities can be strengthened.  Join us in the Library next Wednesday during Period 2 with guest speakers to remember and honour those lost.


Mino Ghizheb OSS,  there will be a presentation next Wednesday May 1st, 2024, in the OSS library during second period for awareness and acknowledgment for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.  Come and listen to Special guests, Elder, Stephanie Sandy and Brittany Simcoe from Rama First Nation.

All staff and students are welcome. Students wishing to attend can also sign up in the front office or in the Andaayang.