Morning Announcements for May 3, 2024
Posted on 05/03/2024

The Nighthawks Baseball team opened their season yesterday by splitting a double header. In the opening game, the Hawks came from behind against Maple Ridge to win an incredibly close game by a score of 3 to 2. The game featured incredible pitching and timely steals, including a steal of home to ice the win. 

In the second game, the Hawks were beaten by Bradford, but showed no quit against the defending champions. Action continues next week with another double header.

Go Hawks!!!!!

Aww-neen, OSS.

 This weekend is the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirited individuals, also known as Red Dress Day.

 Indigenous women and girls are sacred, and have historically held places of honour, respect, and leadership within families and communities; serving as matriarchs, keepers and caretakers of life, knowledge, culture and language; protectors of land/water/resources; traditional healers, life-givers, nurturers food/medicine harvesters, activists, and cycle-breakers.

 Although racism and colonization have deliberately disrupted communities, roles and systems, Indigenous people continue to resist, rebuild, reclaim or maintain their rightful roles.  By coming together as families, communities and nations, Indigenous peoples are showing their solidarity and unity as one peoples.  Advocates and allies can also be part of this change, which is what all of you have done by listening and learning this week.

 We can also do this by remembering that wellness needs to be at the forefront of our lives so we can all remain strong and resilient in the face of any challenges.  All of our individual voices can rise together in strength and unity to collectively call for action.

 You can take part in the call by taking time to do a bit of searching online and even on social media, or even come by the Andaayang space any time to ask questions and get involved.  By doing so, you can be part of the change as advocates and allies.


Attention ALL musicians who are travelling to Chicago 

It is EXTREMELY important that you speak to Mrs Matthie TODAY …. She will be in rm 110/108 today or the cafe for the 2nd half of lunch 

 That is all musicians travelling to CHICAGO

The girls slo-pitch team played their first two games yesterday.  After losing their first game 8-7 against Nottawasaga Pines, they beat Nantyr Shores 8-5.  The offence was led by Daisy M. who had 4 RBIs and Amber L. who hit a home run.  Raygen H. delivered two outstanding starts on the mound and was backed by terrific defensive plays by Hayden M. Victoria S. Maya N., and Kylie Hewitt.  Great games Nighthawks!

Multicultural club is cancelled today at lunch. Looking forward to seeing you all next week.