Morning Announcements for April 29, 2024
Posted on 04/29/2024

 Congratulations to the cast and crew of OSS's school musical, Mary Poppins. Audiences marveled at the talent and suspended their disbelief as they were immersed into the story through dancing, acting and singing. Cast is reminded to meet this Thursday after school to finish the clean up.  

 HUGS is meeting today at lunch in room 332.  HUGS is a group dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ students and allies. All are welcome.  Looking forward to seeing you today at lunch in room 332.

A great big shout out goes to the following Period 5 classes for their help in the spring clean-up this week.

 Mr Cutts

Mrs Williamson

Mr Duong

Mr Grevan

Mrs. Wylie

Mrs Matthie

Mrs Dunmore

Mrs Grace

Mr Hinsberger

Mr Inkumsah

Ms Stephens

Together you collected 11 kilograms of recycling and 30 kilograms of garbage to help beautify our school grounds and local community. Thank you for all your support!

Students looking for volunteers hours, remember to check out the Community Hours bulletin board in the Guidance Office.

We are always getting new volunteer opportunities.

There is a mandatory Ultimate Frisbee team meeting today at lunch in room 125 beside the weight room. Please ensure you are checking google classroom for all updates on games and practices this week. 

Aaniin OSS, students who have signed up for the Ribbon Shirt and Ribbon Skirt workshop, please meet tomorrow in the Andaayang, room 222 at the beginning of lunch period.

Mino Ghizheb OSS,  there will be a presentation this Wednesday in the OSS library during second period for awareness and to honor Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.  Come and listen to Special guests, Elder, Stephanie Sandy and Brittany Simcoe from Rama First Nation.

 Dance team meets today at lunch for a dress run before Spark Dance competition.


Aww-neen, OSS.


This week is the National Day for Awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, also known as Red Dress Day.


As you saw this morning, red dresses are hanging in our front foyer to honour those lost.  This is part of the Red Dress Project, which was started by Métis artist Jamie Black in 2010.  The red dresses specifically acknowledge those women and girls missing from the dresses, but the name of the project has another meaning. 


The word “re-dress” means to fix an issue and set it right.  So the Red Dress Project is then a call to action to re-dress gender-based violence and colonial policies.

 The colour red was also chosen as many First Nations believe spirits can best see bright colours, particularly red, so hanging red dresses helps lost spirits find their way home to loved ones.

 We will share one more initiative to raise awareness and inspire action tomorrow, and there will be guest speakers in the Library during Period 2 on Wednesday.  All are welcome to join us to learn more and honour those women, girls and Two-Spirited individuals who have been lost.

This is a reminder that there will be a coed volleyball practice today at lunch. 

 Do you need volunteer hours? OSS will be hosting a coed volleyball tournament this Friday and score keepers are needed.  Come to the gym at the beginning of lunch to sign up. 

Last week, the Model UN team traveled to the Education Centre to compete at the Model UN simulation. All 12 members debated rigorously, representing their 10 nations well. In the end, we duplicated our impressive 4th place finish from last year, just 1.5 points shy of the podium. More importantly, we brought a little more harmony to the Model Universe. Mr. Flood is proud of you all.

Food drive, Food drive, Food drive! Keep those donations coming! Bring your donations to your first period class to support the sharing place food bank!

Just a reminder of today's meeting for the Track and Field team in room 337 at the start of lunch.

Readers! Numbers is here if you would like to join OSS  book club for our May read. Stop by and see Mrs Williamson in room 311 if you would like to pick up a copy.