Morning Announcements for April 23, 2024
Posted on 04/23/2024

Keep bringing in your food drive donations to support the sharing place. Your donations directly help those in need in our community. The class with the most donations at the end of the month will win a prize! Bring in healthy foods such as chickpeas, oatmeal, canned soup and pasta!

Aww-neen, OSS.

Next week is the National Day for Awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, also known as Red Dress Day.  The loss of respect for women with this crisis is due to colonization, as teachings about the importance of women have been part of everyday life in Indigenous cultures, even built right into languages.

 In Aww-nish-ih-naww-bay-moe-inn, or the Oh-jib-way language, ih-kway is the word for woman, ahh-key is the word for Earth, and ahh-key-kway is Mother Earth.  Both Women and the Earth are life givers.

 Respect for Elders is also built into the language, where the word for “Elder” literally means a “great being” and the word for “old woman” literally means “the one who holds it all together,” or the foundation of a family and community.

 This respect is also given to children, where the word for “child” literally means “a spirit who was placed here for a reason.”  We have so much to learn from children, just as we have so much to learn from the Earth, Elders and women.

 We can remember these teachings and share how we honour and respect those women and girls lost, and the families and communities torn apart, when we come together next week for a presentation in the Library.

 Continue to listen to the announcements this week to learn more about how Indigenous women and girls matter and how action must be taken.  Meeg-wetch.

The ultimate frisbee team members should be changed and ready to go for the bus leaving for our afternoon games at the end of lunch. Please ensure your team fees are paid and that you come dressed for the weather along with a full water bottle and snacks!

Pride Prom is happening on May 10th at Innisdale Secondary School in Barrie from 6-9:30. The cost is $15. Free taxis are available if you need a ride. Email or talk to Ms. Weidmark by Monday, April 29th if interested.