Morning Announcements for December 12, 2022
Posted on 12/12/2022
1. December 8th Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day to commemorate the day Buddha experienced enlightenment. Buddha first experienced enlightenment after meditating underneath a Bodhi tree for 49 days. Buddha used meditation as a means for identifying the root cause of suffering, and for identifying a way to liberate oneself from it. In Japanese Buddhism, Bodhi Day is traditionally celebrated on Dec. 8. There is no single day marking Bodhi Day, though, as Buddhists in Southeast Asia, China and Tibet often celebrate the holiday in May. In many cases, Buddhists celebrating Bodhi Day observe the holiday through temple services, meditation, or special chants from Buddhist texts. Happy Bodhi Day to all who celebrate.

We are decorating our front hall with posters of the many holidays and celebratuions occuring in December. If you have a poster , or would like to create one, please come to room 311 at lunch today. See you there 🙂

Happy Monday Nighthawks! Today is day 3 of the 12 days of winter spirit in The Hawk Shop. Fly on down to check out the great deals. We are giving out stickers with every purchase and for every $10 spent you will get your name in a draw for a Hawk Shop swag bag featuring a tote bag, stickers, pens, and more! See you at lunch!

There will be a brief but important Students for Change meeting at the beginning of lunch in room 222 for all members.