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Financial Information, Scholarships and Awards

There are many scholarships and bursaries for which students can apply. Visit the Guidance Department to find out about scholarships available at our school. 

Be sure to check out the Scholarship Board in Guidance and to check out these websites too:

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Scholarship applications do begin early in the fall and continue throughout the school year.  For many scholarships, school sponsorship or a school nomination is required; in many cases, a school can only nominate or sponsor a single student.  It is very important that you speak with Mrs. Gagnon before you proceed with one of these applications so that you can follow our school's selection process and policy. 


Students are required to submit a condensed application to the OSS Selection Committee; forms are available in the Guidance office and the deadline to hand them in will pre-date the actual scholarship deadline so that there is time for a decision to be made and your official application prepared.


Scholarships that we are currently considering are the Loran, the University of Toronto Book Award & National Scholarship,a as well as the Queen's Chancellor's award.


Applications for the Loran are due in Guidance by the end of the school day Friday of this week, September 29th while applications for the other two will be accepted into October. 

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Schulich Leadership.jpgIn order to become a Schulich Leader and apply for the scholarship, a student must first be selected by their high school as a Schulich Leader Nominee.  High Schools may select ONE nominee each.  The deadline to submit your nominee application for consideration is Thursday, December 14th at 2:30 pm.  See your school email for more information!

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Terry Fox Humanitarian Award.jpg 

Terry Fox Humanitarian Awards are open to graduating secondary level students and those studying toward a first university degree or diploma in a Canadian post-secondary institution.

The maximum award value is $28,000 disbursed over four years.  Deadline is February 1st of every year.  For awards criteria visit:

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TD SCHOLARSHIP.jpg* * * *​ * * * * * * * * * * *

For a list of LGBTQ Scholarships, please visit this website.  There are many scholarships being offered and it is worth the time to do some investigation!!

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Once again the Orillia & District Soccer Club is offering two $500 scholarships which are available to local students.  The deadline is May 15th for submissions.  The application form, including the criteria for the scholarship, is located below.  It are also available on the ODSC website.

ODSC Scholarship Application 2017.pdf

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Now Accepting Applications for ORBA Scholarships

Available for Graduating High School Students

ORBA is now accepting applications for its Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering Technology Scholarships, each valued at $2,000.00.

The submission deadline is May 31, 2017.                                      

The Civil Engineering Scholarship is awarded to a student graduating from an Ontario high school and entering the first year of a Civil Engineering program at an Ontario university.

The Civil Engineering Technology Scholarship is awarded to a student graduating from an Ontario high school and entering the first year of a Civil Engineering Technology or Technician program at an Ontario college or equivalent.

"It's important for ORBA to offer financial support to those students who are going to become the next generation of road builders," said John Blake, ORBA Education Committee Co-Chair. Adds Geoffrey Stephens, ORBA Education Committee Co-Chair, "We look forward every year to help students who are entering a civil engineering program develop the skills and knowledge to be successful when they join our industry."

Applicants are required to submit an essay describing why they are pursuing a post-secondary engineering or engineering technology education and discussing their goals in pursuing a career in civil engineering/technology. Past work experience, particularly directly related to the civil construction or broader construction industry, is a key criterion. Involvement with special projects or volunteer activities that demonstrate a commitment to the applicant's local community, school or charitable organization is heavily factored into the assessment along with reference letters from employers and recommendations from teachers

Additional details and applications are available online at Please pass along to students who will be entering their first year at an Ontario University or College in a Civil Engineering program.

Please contact or 905-507-1107, ext. 222 if you have any questions.

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Since its establishment in 1997, the OHF Bursary Program has distributed more than $390,000 to over 360 post-secondary students across Ontario. The program was established to provide financial assistance to registered participants including players, coaches, trainers, and officials to help offset the cost of post secondary education. Each year, the OHF awards bursaries to outstanding young people who display an incredible amount of commitment both at the arena and in the classroom. The bursary recipients are determined on the basis of academic achievements, hockey involvement and community involvement 

This year, the OHF Bursary Program will provide $29,000 in financial assistance. All students who are enrolled or plan to enroll in a Canadian post-secondary institution for the first time and who are members of the OHF are eligible to apply for bursary funds. More information on the OHF Bursary Program, including eligibility requirements and applications, are available on the OHF website at

2017 OHF Bursary Information Package

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O.S.S. Guidance Scholarship Handout

Read over the 2016-17 Scholarship Handout to see if you may be eligible for any of the scholarships/bursaries listed.  The scholarships and bursaries have been arranged in chronological order by deadline date.  This list is just a guideline, so please remember that the deadline dates, scholarship criteria and/or website addresses listed may change.  It is your responsibility to ensure that all scholarship and/or bursary applications are completed and submitted on time!!

​Be sure to listen to the announcements and check your school email regularly.  If you have any questions regarding scholarships, please see Mrs. Gagnon.

2016 2017 Scholarship Handout.pdf

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OSAP Information


If your child is currently in Grade 12, you should know that applications are now open for college and university programs. The last date for university applications is January 11th. College applications for the fall term should be submitted before February 1st.

Your child may benefit from financial assistance for postsecondary education from the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). As part of the most significant reform of student assistance in North America, the government of Ontario is removing the financial barriers to attending college or university.

If your family income is under $50,000, your child’s tuition is covered. Even if you earn more, the new OSAP is still there to help with generous grants that will make sending your child to college or university more affordable.

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development has launched a new online calculator to help students and their families find out quickly and easily whether they qualify for free tuition or other grants and supports from the province. We encourage you to find out more at