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Financial Information, Scholarships and Awards

Attention Potential Graduates:

In order to be eligible for "internal" scholarships and awards – local and/or school scholarships for which the winner is selected by the O.S.S. Scholarship Committee – you MUST complete the O.S.S. Grad Profile.  A link to this Google form has been sent to your school email account.

Deadline for completion:  Wednesday May 9, 2018

Please see Mrs. Gagnon or Mrs. Couvrette in Guidance if you have any questions.

Grad Profile Screen Shot.jpg

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Here is the link to the OSS Music Parents Award:


Deadline is Friday May 18. 

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Canadian Federation of University Women-Orillia Scholarship

Once again, the CFUW Orillia is offering scholarships to deserving young women.

The criteria:

- Academic Ability

- Integrity

- Community Involvement

- Leadership

- Love of Learning

Consideration will also be given to those in financial need.

You can obtain application forms in the Guidance Office or visit

Deadline for applications to be submitted to the Guidance Office:  Thursday, April 19, 2018.

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Reid Family Scholarship

AOSMH logo.jpgre you:

* Planning a career in healthcare?

* Looking for financial support?

* Do you plan on working in Orillia when you graduate?

Then you should consider applying for the Reid Family Scholarship.

The application forms are available in Guidance, attached to this email and are also available at


Application deadline:  May 25, 2018

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Financial help for students attending university and college in 2018-19

Is your child making plans to attend college or university next fall?  Visit to see what financial aid is available to help pay for tuition and other expenses.

This year, about one-third of students attending college or university full-time are receiving free tuition from OSAP.  Visit and use the calculator to see what your child may be eligible to receive from OSAP.

Apply early and use the OSAP comparison tool to help your child make the best choice for their future.

Find out more and apply at

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There are many scholarships and bursaries for which students can apply. Visit the Guidance Department to find out about scholarships available at our school. 

Be sure to check out the Scholarship Board in Guidance and to check out these websites too:

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Scholarship applications do begin early in the fall and continue throughout the school year.  For many scholarships, school sponsorship or a school nomination is required; in many cases, a school can only nominate or sponsor a single student.  It is very important that you speak with Mrs. Gagnon before you proceed with one of these applications so that you can follow our school's selection process and policy. 


Students are required to submit a condensed application to the OSS Selection Committee; forms are available in the Guidance office and the deadline to hand them in will pre-date the actual scholarship deadline so that there is time for a decision to be made and your official application prepared.


Scholarships that we are currently considering are the Loran, the University of Toronto Book Award & National Scholarship,a as well as the Queen's Chancellor's award.


Applications for the Loran are due in Guidance by the end of the school day Friday of this week, September 29th while applications for the other two will be accepted into October. 

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County of Simcoe Bursary

If you are planning to attend an Ontario post-secondary institution in the fall, you may be interested in applying for the County of Simcoe Bursary.  Below you will find a brochure about the Bursary and the Bursary Application Form.

Applicants must:

- Be a resident of Simcoe County and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

- Have completed a secondary school program in Simcoe County and be eligible for graduation in the year of application and be accepted into their first year of an undergraduate program at an Ontario university or college as a full-time student or have completed their first year of post- secondary education and be accepted into their second year of an undergraduate program

- Demonstrate interest in, and contribution to, their community through active participation in extracurricular activities at their school and/or in community organizations

Applications must be submitted electronically to:

Application deadline is July 31, 2018 at 4 p.m.

Bursary Brochure.pdf

Bursary Application.pdf

County of Simcoe Bursary Brochure pg 1.jpg

County of Simcoe Bursary Brochure pg 2.jpg

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For a list of LGBTQ Scholarships, please visit this website.  There are many scholarships being offered and it is worth the time to do some investigation!!

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Once again the Orillia & District Soccer Club is offering two $500 scholarships which are available to local students.  The deadline is May 15th for submissions.  The application form, including the criteria for the scholarship, is located below.  It are also available on the ODSC website.

ODSC Scholarship Application 2017.pdf

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Now Accepting Applications for ORBA Scholarships

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The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) Bursary Program was introduced in 1997 to recognize and reward dedication in education and hockey. The program provides financial assistance to registered OHF participants to offset the cost of post-secondary education. Over the past 21 years, the OHF has distributed more than $420,000 to over 390 post-secondary students.

Each year, the OHF awards bursaries to outstanding young people who display an incredible amount of commitment both at the arena and in the classroom. The bursary recipients are determined on the basis of academic achievements, hockey involvement and community involvement.

Visit their website:

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O.S.S. Guidance Scholarship Handout

Read over the 2016-17 Scholarship Handout to see if you may be eligible for any of the scholarships/bursaries listed.  The scholarships and bursaries have been arranged in chronological order by deadline date.  This list is just a guideline, so please remember that the deadline dates, scholarship criteria and/or website addresses listed may change.  It is your responsibility to ensure that all scholarship and/or bursary applications are completed and submitted on time!!

​Be sure to listen to the announcements and check your school email regularly.  If you have any questions regarding scholarships, please see Mrs. Gagnon.

2016 2017 Scholarship Handout.pdf

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