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Course Selection

Course Selection for 2022-2023

Course Selection for next year involves some very important decisions for students!  The courses you choose will determine how you spend your time in school next year, and ALSO influence your options for your post-secondary choices!

Guidance counsellors will be meeting with students in their classes in February and March to assist them with course selections for next year. .  Students can also drop in to the Guidance Office during lunch any day from Feb. 28-March 11 to get additional help with their course selections.


                           Course selections are due March 4, 2022 for next year's:  Grade 9's, Grade 12's.

                            Course selections are due March 10, 2022 for next year's:  Grade 10's, Grade 11's.

                                After these dates you will not be able to enter or change your course selections, so you will need                            to contact Guidance for that.

Some resources to help you!

Here are some resources to help you if you are completing this process independently.  Just follow the steps below.  Remember that the Guidance Office is open at lunch from Feb. 28-March 11 to help with this!.  

Step 1: Watch these slideshows that were used in classroom presentations - they provide a good overview of the entire process:

Course Selection Info for next year's Grade 10's.pdf

Course Selection Information for next year's Grade 11's.pdf

Course Selection Info for next year's Grade 12's.pdf

Important Note - if you are a RETURNING Grade 12 student , read the document below about your course selection for next year

Are you a Grade 12 Student Planning to return to OSS.docx

Step 2:  Use the Course Calendar link and the blank Course Selection Planner link below to make a record for yourself of the courses you want next year. Make sure you get the correct codes for the courses you want!

​ ​

OSS 2022-23 hyperlinked calendar final.pdf

Course Selection Planner.pdf

Step 3:  Follow the instructions on the Student Portal Course Selection Instructions link below to actually go on the OSS school website and enter your course selections via the Student Portal.

Student Portal Course Selection Instructions 9-11.pdf

Some information about Summer School for Summer 2022

If you want to build one of these courses into your plan please make an appointment with a Guidance Counsellor to discuss!

SCDSB Summer School 2022