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Return to School Letter to Families

Friday, September 3, 2021
Friday, September 3, 2021
Thursday, October 28, 2021

Good afternoon. This message has a significant amount of important information regarding our return to school on Tuesday Sept 7.

  • If you received tech from OSS last year (Chromebooks or Wi-Fi Hubs) please return them to the school library
  • If you have text books or other learning materials from last year, please return them to the main office. Where possible please identify the name of the teacher of that course.

The following practices are in place in order to increase protective measures for all staff and students:

  • all students are required to complete a covid-19 self-assessment:
  • during morning attendance, teachers will confirm completion of the assessment with each individual student,
  • similar to last year, all students are required to properly wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose. If your student has a medical exemption, we will require a medical note. Students are to wear a mask while outdoors if unable to be physically distant from others,
  • when entering the school in the morning, students will report directly to their classroom,
  • hand sanitizer is available at the main entrance and in each classroom - please use it often!
  • throughout the course of the day, students are to only use the washroom that is located closest to their classroom,
  • when leaving their classroom for break, for lunch or at the end of the day, students are to only use their designated fire exit. This is being done to further reduce any potential congestion in the halls
  • Halls and stairwells are for traveling. At this time there will be no loitering or unnecessary traveling in the halls.
  • the cafeteria will only be open at lunch, students will need to line up (just like everywhere else in the world) and wait for their turn to enter the servery. The seating in the cafe is greatly reduced to ensure physical distancing. It may be accessed on a first come-first served basis. Some classrooms (not specialty classrooms, like Tech) will remain open during the lunch. Unfortunately not all classrooms are able to remain open. Students that were in a given classroom for the morning class are entitled to remain in that space for lunch. All students will be encouraged to spend their lunch time outdoors. The school campus has terrific outdoor spaces that should be enjoyed.
  • Students are not to enter any classroom other than their designated class at any time.
  • students are to avoid congregating in large groups. This includes both on school property and off school property. Our community historically has been intolerant to groups of students congregating together and in particular when they are doing so without masks,
  • if students take advantage of the opportunity to go outside on their break, there is to be no congregating and masks will be required at all times when not physically distancing.
  • Clubs and teams will be starting back up as our staff volunteers are able to facilitate them. Please be patient as there is a lot of work that goes into these extra-curricular activities. Students are asked to pay close attention to announcements for details of meeting times and locations and tryout dates and times.

Without a doubt, one of the most important things we can all do to ensure in-person learning may continue is to follow the public health measures. It is vital that students carefully self-screen each day prior to coming to school. If, during your self-screen, it is recommended that you not come to school, please stay home.

Teachers will post content on their D2L shell for their classes. To our new grade 9 students, this is the virtual learning platform used by secondary schools in SCDSB. We realize that there will be a learning curve as it is different from Google Classrooms that many are accustomed to.

If you have any questions about the learning environment please contact the teacher directly. If you require further assistance after that, please contact the office and speak to an administrator.

Thank you for your time and attention to this. Have a good evening.

Peter Bowman

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