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Draft Copies of Timetables for 2020-21

Monday, June 22, 2020
Friday, June 19, 2020
Monday, June 22, 2020

Your tentative DRAFT timetable for next year should be visible on your student portal and/or student email as of June 19.  Please be aware, there may be changes before school begins next September.

PLEASE NOTE that first priority will be given to:

• Students who are requesting a pathway change in a course (e.g. from Academic Mathematics to Applied Mathematics); Parents/guardians must approve all pathway changes for students not yet 18 years old.

• Students who have failed a compulsory course this semester, or are enrolled in a course for which they do not have the pre-requisite (e.g. you are in a grade 11 University English but haven’t passed 10 Academic English)

• Grade 11 or 12 students who are missing a key course required for their diploma or post-secondary pathway. (e.g. you need a group 2 credit or you need Biology and Chemistry but you didn’t get Biology)

• Students who have a “blank” in their timetable (in some cases, students may be on a wait list for a space in a currently full course or registered in an eLearning course to help fill this blank)

If you have simply changed your mind about courses that you wish to take next year, please be aware that timetables are based as much as possible on student requests, including alternatives.   Opportunities for changes will be limited because openings in other classes are limited. You may fill out the Google Form with your request, but we will be addressing the priority needs identified above first.   

We will endeavor to address these requests for changes systematically before the end of this school year; however it is quite likely that you will hear back from us about the possibility of change in the first week of school in September.

You can request timetable changes by using this link :

Thank you for your patience as it takes longer to process timetable changes at a distance.
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